Monday, August 15, 2016

American Girl Crochet Ghost

I love finding new Halloween patterns for the dolls. This one was a birthday present from DH and you can purchase it here.

The only thing I'd change next time is I'd sew the eyes on a bit lower. Other than that I was quite pleased with the outfit. It was quick and easy to make and it makes a fun holiday outfit.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

American Girl Moss Stitch Shirt and Woven Stitch Skirt

I love textured stitches and when I can incorporate them in the doll's outfits it is always fun. This pattern was a birthday present from my DH and can be purchased here. After making so many princess outfits the dolls need some regular outfits as well. There will be a wide selection in this year's donation.

I plan on using the top pattern again to match a skirt I'd made previously and didn't have a top to match.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

American Girl Belle

It's amazing how much better a project works out when you have the supplies. Before starting the next time I made sure I checked my stash and pulled out two skeins of matching blue for the project.

I am not as crazy about the square neckline of this project as I've been about some of the other projects. However, the rest of the project was wonderful. I loved the skirt and the shoes in particular. Shoes have never been a strength of mine, but her pattern seems to work for me and I've used it with other outfits that lack shoes when I've been motivated to add them.

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