Monday, May 4, 2015

Birds from a Friend

This was a rather crazy winter. Higher than normal snow, a Spring trip to visit family, and then some pesky health issues to muddle up my Easter. In the middle of it all a friend sent a package to cheer me up and I'm finally posting the picture to remind myself that there are truly kind and wonderful people out there who surprise you with the kindest of thoughts and gestures.

I wanted to post it because this Blog often reminds me when I don't remember how much I do get done that there is a remarkable amount of stuff that leaves this house every winter for a charitable endeavor some how. It also reminds me of the kindness of people who send stuff to me as well. So these are the birds that arrived one day when I was feeling rather down and out. They are hanging up now across the house and they always make me smile.

Monday, February 9, 2015

American Girl Sock Yarn Dress and Shawl

Several years ago while at a LYS store the owner was very confused when I told her I was looking for fingering yarn. She became some what less friendly when I told her I was making doll's clothes. Finally, she told me she knew nothing about fingering yarn, but was convinced sock yarn was what I needed.

Well sock yarn was not what I needed and online I eventually discovered Knit Picks for an affordable alternative for my lighter weight yarn needs. However, that sock yarn has been taking up space for years. As someone who is supposed to be working on bringing down my yarn stash it seemed like a message when I found a free pattern for a 18 inch doll shawl that called for sock yarn.

You can find the Granny Shawl free pattern here. The rest of the outfit was an experiment. I wanted to finish off the yarn, so I decided on a skirt, but there was still more yarn. I tried a tube top, but they didn't match up right together as separates. However, sewed together they made a cute dress. I still had more sock yarn. Then I decided on a hat and the yarn was depleted.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Doll Basket for 15 Inch Doll

The doll baskets and blankets are finished for the year. Last year I only managed to get one done, so it feels like progress. This one was a little bit larger than I would have liked. It's hard when you are adapting a pattern to fit a larger doll to make sure you don't over compensate and make it too large.

The doll basket pattern came from Dressing Up Dolly, Leisure Arts 2725. The blanket came from the 2015 Crochet Calendar. The pillow was just something I played with until I found something that worked. I found the babies fit better in the baskets with a pillow.

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