Monday, October 1, 2012

Acts of Kindness

I received this beautiful thread crocheted witch cookie cutter doll as part of the Crochetville Wish List and it could not have come at a better time. I lost a family member at the beginning of September. It was not unexpected, but it hit me harder than I expected.

This woman was a mentor. In fact, she introduced me to crochet and knitting. She patiently worked through my challenges, although I never really did move beyond dishcloths with knitting. However, her mentoring went beyond crafts and while I knew the time was coming that we would part, it did not make the parting easier. Having experienced other partings, even closer in relation, I thought I was prepared I was not.

With Halloween and all the other fall holidays coming, I'm working my way back into crocheting again. I have boxes to mail and kids waiting for toys.

When the package arrived with my witch in it, I was so pleased. It was something I never could have made myself. As I have blogged about on numerous occasions, thread is beyond my talents. It kicked started me into continuing a project that I had put aside in frustration.

I have some Halloween projects to post this week and I hope to get back into regular blogging again as I work on fall and Christmas holiday projects.

This gift was a reminder that acts of kindness do matter. We can reach people at times we may not even know the person is in need of a kind act.

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