Monday, January 18, 2016

American Girl St. Patrick's Day

I love doing holiday outfits for my donation project. I've had this one on my list of projects to make for years and just never gotten there. This year seemed to be the year to attempt it.

Darski's free pattern can be found here.

This was a fun project and it again allowed me to use up some of the yarn I inherited from a friend who passed away. The pants have a very interesting construction method. I had to pull the hat out as I misread the directions and it wasn't forming at all as the picture showed.

One of the things I've been most excited about this year's projects is I'm taking the time to pull stuff out and redo them. Many times in the past I'd have abandoned a project and moved on to something I could finish faster and felt more productive. This time I slowed down a bit and figured it out. I'm still not a fan of the reverse SC.

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