Sunday, December 20, 2009

Craft Deals of the Season

I blogged early in the season about hitting craft sales for deals on craft supplies. While I did well this year. My husband found a stack of plastic canvas books for $.10 a copy and I bought two boxes of yarn. The women at the sale were so surprised to find someone who would buy all the yarn and were not quite sure how to make a deal. Since I am practicing with different types of yarn, stiches, and needles, the smaller balls work well for those projects. Barbie is definitly better off for the yarns that I would not normally have purchased. I was able to provide a young relative with practice yarn, without having to remove yarn from a project I had planned. Most of the boxes were full skeins. These full skeins were invaluable when I realized I thought I had purchased the color I needed for a project only to find I was missing it. I had enough to finish two scarves with more left over. The woman were commenting on the need to go through their closets and clean out their uneeded items for next year's sale.

Just something to consider when you are looking for deals or to donate. There are people always looking for projects and supplies if you are willing to make a deal.

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