Monday, August 16, 2010

Crochet Chocolate Chip Cookies

I promised I would make some cookies to go on that cookie sheet and I have begun the task. The pattern comes from Amigurumi Two!: Crocheted Toys for Me and You and Baby Too.

As you are working on projects, you learn a few things. The first cookie almost looks like a sugar cookie or an oatmeal cookie because I tried using up some old brown yarn I had. The brown was too light to make effective chocolate chips. Unfortunately, I did not notice in the light I was working in until I had already assembled the cookie. When I realized it, I dug out some darker brown I had bought for another project when I made the second cookie.

I have many more cookies to make with darker chips so I am sure this one odd cookie will be fine. Who knows perhaps it will start a new cookie trend.

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