Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Won a Blog Drawing for Earrings at Sweet Notions

I won a blog drawing offered by Sweet Notions and received the two beautiful pairs of earrings above.

My husband often buys me gifts of handmade earrings when we visit craft shows, but I have only seen pictures of crocheted earrings. I have lists of free patterns for them, but with my ability to use thread, no hope of completing them. When I saw a drawing for crocheted earrings, I was quite excited.

The blue earrings are a perfect match for several outfits I have. The crocheted black hoops will be fun to try with several others.

I want to thank Candice for the prizes. I am going to enjoy my beautiful earrings.


Brenda Marie said...

Congrats! They're beautiful.

Angie said...

Those are beautiful. Congratulations!

C.Mahan said...

Congrats! I never knew you could crochet earrings! Enjoy them!

Carrie Beasley said...

How pretty! Congratulations, I know you will enjoy them.

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