Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have you Ever Had the Project that Fought Back

The Kitty Afghan has claws. I mean this thing is fighting back. I frogged three rows two days ago and completed 5 yesterday only to have to frog them all completing two more before bed time. I suspect it is that hurry up and screw up mentality that is kicking in, but it is so frustrating.

This project is taking on the aspects of the old samplers children were taught to do to improve their skills. Along this path, I have learned how to read a chart, improved techniques for changing colors, learned to use yarn bobbins, and now I have realized a real need to improve my technique for weaving in ends as this became one of the reasons for frogging yesterday. As I pulled out the last of the rows to get to my mistake, I pulled out a row underneath due to bad end weaving. I researched some better techniques yesterday and hopefully when I look at the two rows I completed last night the pattern is now correct. It is like the 12 Pains of Christmas Song, when one cat is off they all are off!

Thankfully, all the other Christmas presents are not only finished, but wrapped. DH finished the food shopping last night and my Aunt will be over to help us start prepping for the big Christmas Eve bash tomorrow. This afghan battle is not the end of the world. The recipient has plenty of other gifts waiting for her. A late Christmas gift is hardly the end of the world.

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