Tuesday, March 4, 2014

American Girl Snuggly Bear

I was so excited to see Annie's had published a new book of 18 Inch doll patterns On-the-Go Fashions for 18 Inch Dolls and I rushed off to order it.

This outfit was the selling point for buying this leaflet when I saw it in one of Annie's promotions. I loved the bear outfit.

I did end up playing with the gauge to get the outfit not to be too snug. The pattern calls for a J hook I found with a K it fit but very snuggly. The challenge was the next size up is almost a little too loose. However, since I know small hands will need to get the outfits on and off, I went with a little loose.

The one big change I made is the pattern doesn't use a chain stitch to create a crotch. I tried it and I couldn't make it work. I added a chain stitch. This requires you to reduce afterwords to make the legs work for the feet later. I tried following the pattern as written and I couldn't get it to work without it looking strained. Someone else may have better luck. I found the chain stitches made joining the legs a bit easier.

I am pleased with this purchase. I can see myself working through most of the patterns in this book. I was able to make this pattern using yarn I had on hand. A few of the outfits might require special purchases, but I think several have equivelent yarns I have in my stash, which is always welcome.

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