Friday, July 1, 2011

American Girl Doll Colonial Outfit Crochet

The dress for this outfit is based on a free Pilgrim pattern created by Darski that can be found on Crochetville here. I made the skirt fuller by continuing her increase pattern until the skirt was shaped in the style I wanted for this gown. The cap was developed using the free Betsy Ross Barbie crochet pattern. I continued increasing the DC's until I had the size I wanted for the 18" doll. The apron was made following the Pilgrim pattern and trimming it with the Betsy Ross Barbie apron trim.

I used Red Heart and Caron One Pound worsted weight yarn. I have been using Favorite Findings buttons as they come in multiple colors and sizes in their packages and the prices are affordable. I buy various colors and store them in recycled storage packaging, as the little packets they come in are not designed for long-term use.

I wanted to have time to make a shawl for this doll, but I ran out of time. Perhaps next year another doll will have a holiday outfit that includes a shawl with the outfit.

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Chrystal Mahan said...

I meant to ask if you had a beginners crochet book you recommend. For the life of me I can't remember how to get started! It has been so long and lil m has an American Girl type doll that only has the clothes she came in and one other outfit. I would love to start crocheting again and get her some doll and barbie clothes made. With typing all day I can't seem to knit without my hands flaming in pain so crochet might be the way for me to go until I can get my sewing machine back in order! LOL

I am loving your blog you give so many people wonderful ideas. I love your crafting!!

Bailey said...

My suggestion is to check out the children's section at the library. I found the pictures, diagrams and explanations in the kid's books were so much better than the adult versions. I also borrowed the DVD's from the library and then bought the ones I liked.

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