Friday, August 15, 2014

Crochet World's Best Animal, Toys, & Dolls

I was between appointments last week and stopped into my local bookstore to cool off and relax between stops. I love checking out new books and magazines and always check out what might be new in crochet. I was pleasantly surprised to see a new special Crochet World had been issued, Crochet World Presents Best Crochet Animals, Toys & Dolls. While I understand the specials are not included in my regular subscription, I've always found it frustrating that as a subscriber I don't get notices about these, I either find them in a store, or catch them at Annie's. While I don't buy every special issue, I do buy them when I can find them before they go to digital issues. I even have a collection of older doll and toy ones that date back to the ones with black and white pictures. I'll be blogging about some doll clothes I made from one in the not too distant future.

The issue covers a variety of projects from doll clothes, amis, and toys to items for kids to wear and use. There are three 18 inch doll outfits, which I am always thrilled to find new patterns to make for my donation project. In the doll section, there were also 2 patterns for 5-inch dolls and one for the chubby 10-inch dolls. I've already worked my way through most of one of the 18-inch patterns. There are two dolls with outfits and accessories you can make. I am thinking about using some of the clothing and accessories for my projects. While I admire the doll making process, I'm not sure that is on my agenda at the moment.

As for the rest, I love the dragon and the farm puppets with the farm bag. Those are adorable and might have tempted me into a purchase. The Twister game is cute; though I'm not sure I'd have the patience to put it all together. I already am looking at yarn to make the fox hat and scarf set. I was a bit disappointed in some of the choices. There are many free options for bowling sets, balls, ring toss and some of the other ami items selected. I would have preferred to see some new ideas. I suspect that original costs more than the magazine could bring in under budget. While they don't show you the doll's clothes, Annie's does highlight many of the ami's if you click on see more images in their add here.

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