Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Shawl for a Wedding Guest

I wanted a shawl to wear over a dress I bought for a July wedding. I found the Five Point Diamond Shawl in the Leisure Arts leaflet Make in a Weekend Shawls that I had picked up a while back. This was a great choice for the wedding. I normally don't wear sweaters, but there are times when a light shawl is welcome when the A/C is a bit cool.

The shawl worked up quickly using Caron Super Soft. The one adjustment I made for myself to make following the pattern easier is I put the repeated rows in pencil for rows 21-41 at the bottom of the second page. This way when I finished a row I never had to think about which row I was supposed to be working on next. The book says rows 21-41 repeat rows 15-20, which are repeating rows 9-14. It was easier just to write it out, rather than trying to look back after finishing each row.

I didn't end up wearing this dress to the wedding. As I was getting the pictures taken for this post prior to packing it for the wedding, I realized the dress had several flaws and returned it for something that still allowed me to use my shawl. Do to time issues; I didn't take a picture of that outfit.

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Kate said...

Beautifully done!

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