Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sunshine Sundress for 12 Inch Baby Doll

This project helped me reach a couple of my goals for this year increasing the number of outfits for the 12" Baby Doll and to use up yarn on hand. I had ordered more Red Heart soft yarn than I needed for another project, so using up a partial skein for this outfit seemed like a good choice. If you don't recognize the pattern, this is the same sundress pattern that I used for the 15" doll dress I made in pink. You can find that pattern here. The Red Heart soft was a lighter yarn and I used a smaller hook. In order to finish off the skein I made a small basket to go with the outfit.

I'm on my way to having a decent number of outfits for the smallest of the donation dolls this year. Being willing to experiment with using the larger doll patterns with lighter yarns and smaller hooks seems to have helped with the job.

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