Thursday, January 25, 2018

Football Dishcloth

I picked up Month by Month Dishcloths a while back and only recently have dived into it to make some projects. With the Super Bowl approaching the first logical project seemed to be football dishcloth located in Novemeber's section. After making this for a gift, DH's wants one too, so I will have to get one done for our house before the Super Bowl. I suspect these might actually make some fun small gifts over the next year. There are a few football fans in the family.

Just a note to myself the pattern calls for an H hook but in order to get the ties to fit I needed a g hook for the white section. These is a Premier book, but I used Sugar 'n Creme for this dishcloth as it was available locally and time was a factor in finishing this one. I may try Premier Yarn to test the color at a later time.

This book is not available directly from Amazon. However at the time of writing it was still available at JoAnn's and Knit Picks. You can check your local stores as well.

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