Thursday, December 29, 2022

Barbie Sleeping Bag

Last year I started with a theme of getting all the dolls prepared for the beach. This year I put Adoring Doll's Camping pattern for the 18 and 14 inch doll on my Christmas pattern list and it inspired me to think about how the other dolls could get into the spirit this year.

I was thrilled to find a quick and easy sleeping bag pattern that I hope to adapt for all the Barbie dolls here.

This pattern used worsted acrylic yarn and an I hook. The pillow requires a small amount of stuffing to give it firmness. I had to add some rows to get it to the length suggested but because she gives you not just the number of rows but the length you should get to it made measuring the pillow and the bag easy.

I will need to make it shorter for her sisters and longer for Ken so this is a good sample of the size I want. There are camping sets currently on the market for Barbie. Some have sleeping bags others focus on different accessories but this is a free easy to make accessory for those who want one.

This was another great project for using up left over yarn. I'm coming my scaps to decide which yarn to use for the rest of Barbie's family to make sure everyone has a sleeping bag to take with them when they leave for the donation next December.

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