Monday, May 1, 2023

Rectangular Prayer Shawl Stole

I've started making prayer shawls again for a Church I'm attending. It's been a bit and I had to find where I'd stored all the leaflets and books and then it was time to think about yarn for the projects.

A few years back I donated all my Homespun yarn because I was and still am determined to decrease my stash yarn to items I will use. I am trying to do this mostly through using it for the doll project but when someone has a better use for it than I, passing it on seems like a wonderful solution to my problem of having yarn I don't need.

However, now that I'm back to making prayer shawls I'm exploring yarn I don't normally use in my doll project.

This first shawl is the Crochet Rectangular Stole from Liesure Arts The Prayer Shawl Ministry #4225 and I substituted Lion Brand's Premier Puzzle Yarn Backgammon for Homespun as it was available locally without having to order Homespun online. The pattern calls for a K hook, I used an M hook to obtain gauage.

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