Monday, June 11, 2012

American Girl Doll Loom Hat

Sadly, when you try to research doll patterns and looming you often end up with sites that have viruses or are not at all related to loom knitting. They know it is a high search term and so they attach it to their site and hope to drag people in.

I have been working on an 18" doll donation project with mostly crochet items. Do to some surgery I cannot crochet much at the moment, but I find the loom knitting does not require the pulling or create the same irritations on my body that the crocheting does. I started making simple dishcloths on the knitting board to get back into the swing of things, frustrated that I could not work on my doll project, but remembered that there were some things that I could loom for dolls that were simple. Next month I hope to be back to crocheting, but by then I hope to have developed enough looming skills to continue doing both.

The blue knifty knitter loom is usually the hat loom considered for babies. If you place it on the head of the 18" doll you are working with you can find out if it fits your doll. I have used it for both the American Girl and the Springfield Doll and not had an issue. If you follow the basic directions for making a hat, found in the knifty knitter directions or any of the basic books you can make a winter hat for the doll. This is the first one I am making using two strands. I want to make a matching scarf for the donation doll, too.

I also want to experiment with some of the other hat patterns and see how they will work on the blue loom, as I get more proficient with understanding the directions. I also have some interesting scarf/hat patterns that would be fun to try to see if they would work on this loom with some work.

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Katie B said...

Loom knitting is on my list of craft projects I would like to try. Looks like fun!

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