Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working with the Knitting Board

I had been promising myself for ages that I would start the process of learning to loom knit again. The process was started once before and then stopped when I had presents to finish. I bought books, DVD's and even more looms. However, there always seemed to be one more crochet project that called to me.

I was supposed to have surgery this week. I planned on having finished projects preposted to cover my time away. However, with a scheduling issue my surgery got moved up and thankfully instead of waiting for surgery tomorrow I had mine right before Memorial Day. I would much rather be recovering than anticipating surgery.

The first week I was too tired to do more than sleep. However, as the sleepiness wore off and I still need to be in rest mode boredom is the enemy. Pulling is rather painful on the side, so crocheting is not an option. Then I remembered my looms. This seemed like the time to explore.

I decided to use dishcloth cotton for my experiment. After all, even when they are not beautiful, dishcloths are practical. I suspected my first efforts with the knitting board might not be as successful as I wanted. However, I am liking the double knit look of this one. It probably is thick enough to be a potholder without having to sew it. My technique needs work. However, my sanity has been restored as I have something to keep my hands busy until I can get back to finishing the 18" doll wardrobe I was working on. I may even have mastered the technique before I feel comfortable enough to go back to my hooks.

If you arrived here looking for free Loom Knitting Patterns or Instruction Links see the Loom Knitting Page here.


Lois Evensen said...

That looks like such fun! I must try that! I knit and crochet, but have never tried a knitting board. I do have a larger knitting machine, but prefer hand knitting to the machine.

Jamigurumiworld said...

Not bad at all! You can make beatuiful things with a knitting board. Strenghtening hugs for you!

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