Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Crochet Games of Ancient Greece

I joined a Olympic themed crochet along at Crochetville. We set our own personal challenges and joined themed teams. I wanted to continue work on my donation projects but needed a break from dolls' clothes. I decided to work on play food for another Christmas donation I wanted to make. For these games I belong to team Big Hearts, the team focused on making items for charities.

We couldn't start the project until the games began. So far I've finished two hamburgers with trimmings, a pancake, and three slices of bacon. I am hoping to fill the bucket before the end of the games to get my "gold" medal. My real award is getting this stuff completed and ready to hand over now so I can focus my energies on other things in the fall.

The Hamburger pattern is one of my favorite food patterns and comes from Simply Amigurumi: 10 Crochet Projects the bacon and the pancake come from an old Annie's Attic pattern, Crochet Toy Food, 87F12. While the pancake pattern is pretty easy to find or make for yourself. I thought the curly bacon was interesting. I had not seen a bacon pattern I liked until I made this one.

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C.Mahan said...

I looooooooove the crochet food!!

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