Tuesday, January 15, 2013

American Girl Doll Bathing Suit

Santa in the form of my DH bought me this pattern for Christmas. You can find the pattern on Ravelry here. I had received the designer's Superhero Costume through a Crochetville wish list and while looking at her store this pattern made my top list of Christmas wishes for my DH. I am working on completing the Superhero, now.

There are several American Girl doll bathing suit patterns on the market. What drew me to this one were the accessories that went with the pattern. I love the ducky floatie, pail, beach ball, and beach towel that come with the pattern. It makes a complete play set for the donation doll I am making. I also liked the fact it used worsted weight yarn. As someone who does not crochet with thread it is challenging that more patterns are requiring thread.

I decided to make this a stash busting project. The pattern uses Lily Sugar 'n Cream and while I love the blue used in the pattern I did not have any on hand. However, I did have a huge ball of red cotton. I decided to go with the red and stick with my stash busting goal. Some of the patterns I plan on making for this donation project require weights of yarn I do not have, which will require yarn purchases. However, where I can I hope to use up yarn I have on hand.

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