Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Doll Pajamas

I started out making the PJ's from Maggie Crochet's baby bath doll pattern set available here for the Baby Jenna Doll. I ran into a couple of problems. This has been a stash busting project and I finally ran out of dark pink. Therefore, I had to work around the situation and replace the dark with light pink. I ended up redesigning the top to accommodate the color changes.

As for the pants, I have never been great with patterns that require you to crochet two pieces and sew them together. I have two issues. First, the two pieces have to be the same. They were close as I worked on this. The second issue I have is the problem I always had with sewing; attach part A to part D. Somehow, my part A and D never seemed to make a good match. This was no different, so I decided to go with a basic in the round pant design for the PJ bottoms. Simple, but it worked and the pants are easy to get on and off.

My favorite part of this pattern was the shoes. They worked up quickly and fit perfectly. I rarely have that kind of luck when making doll shoes and do to the size and shape of the doll feet I did not have high expectations.

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C. Wilson said...

So cute! I think the light pink and dark pink go well together. :)

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