Thursday, March 21, 2013

Magic Hat with Bunny

I was gifted the Magic Hat with Rabbit and Wand pattern during a Crochetville wish list. I wanted it for an April birthday and I just finished the project in time for my mailing deadline.

The original pattern uses a small hook to make a decorative hat. I kept increasing my hook size until I got the base to a size that worked as a hat that could be worn by a child and didn't look too loose. What good is a magic hat if you can see what is happening in it? I didn't want to add stitches because unlike ami's I wasn't sure how changing the stitches would alter the shape of the hat. By changing the hook size I was able to make a bigger hat size without altering the basic shape.

I love the secret this hat provides for a young magician who may need some help as he/she gets started doing magic tricks. I wrapped and packed this last night, as it needs to ship this week to make it on time for its birthday deadline. I am anxious to hear the reaction it gets.

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C.Mahan said...

I love that pretty much all of your crafts you give away. This is such a great idea for a magician!

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