Friday, March 8, 2013

Thank You

I won a contest for a Leisure Arts books Texting Mittsat Cute Crochet Chat. If I ever get through my Easter crocheting, these are going to make some great gifts.

I also have been blessed with some wonderful Fairy Godmothers during Crochetville's latest round of wish lists. I received a couple more dress patterns for my doll donation project AG Emerald Isle, which I think I finally found a substitute yarn that will work for the discontinued yarn in the pattern. More on that later. This gives me another historical and holiday dress to add to my donation box. The second dress I received was another historical one, Bathing Beauty. I am excited for not only another historical dress, but also the chance to challenge my thread skills. To help with my Easter box projects I was gifted the Bunny with Cradle Purse that I am looking forward to making.

There are many thoughtful people out there and it is important to acknowledge the great joy they bring to our lives. I often do think about the people who send me stuff through wish lists, swaps, or contests when I pull out a pattern to work on for one of my projects and it makes me smile to think of their gift blessing someone else.

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C.Mahan said...

It's nice to see there is so much good left in the world!

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