Monday, March 18, 2013

Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets

The Easter box was mailed, but I still have a few projects from that to post as well as a few local Easter projects and birthday projects I am working on.

The Three Little Pigs project was one I started before Christmas when I made the Little Red Riding Hood Set. The pattern is available for purchase here. The Little Red Riding Hood pattern is available for purchase there as well.

I love combining finger puppets with a book for a gift. My only disappointment was that I couldn't find a really artistic version of the Three Little Pigs. I found a beautifully illustrated Little Red Riding Hood. However, while I could find multiple alternate verisons of the Three Little Pigs, there doesn't seem to be a really nicely illustrated one on the market. I settled for an new early reader edition and a second hand Golden Book copy I picked up at the library book sale.

The puppet's were fun and easy to make. I found the buildings to be more challenging. I never fault the designer, I find other's usually can figure these construction projects out. I ended up sewing the brick details to the house, because I couldn't get the crochet pattern to work for me and my time was limited with my mailing deadline. I have not seen any more fairy tale puppets on her Etsy site. I sent her a message to find out if she's considering designing more as I would love to have more to make.

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Jennifer said...

These are so cute.

Jennifer Leighton said...

I love it because it's a thoughtful and adorable gift for a mom. :D

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