Monday, December 28, 2015


Yoda was the last of the Christmas presents to be finished and delivered. DH originally purchased Lucy Ravenscar's patterns for me about 4 years ago. She had upgraded them and then pulled them from Etsy when she got a contract to publish a kit with a updated pattern book and supplies for a couple of projects. They are now published as a kit under Lucy Collins Star Wars Crochet (Crochet Kits) and I really like the book format she produced. It was what I wanted when I bought the original patterns on Etsy.

As far as the kit, I would have preferred the book alone. I ended up making Yoda with an e hook and worsted weight instead of what seemed to be probably a size 2 yarn. It was not fun to work with and I quickly decided my stash of worsted could handle the burden. Considering what DH paid for the first set of patterns on Etsy when he bought them for a gift, the book was a deal, had they thrown in no extras. While I used the eyes for Yoda, I prefer the ones I have in my own stash. These were not of the best quality. There are several of these kits out there, where I'd just love the books, I don't need all the other stuff in the kits. I'm not sure why the kits are so popular, the patterns are adorable.

I had no issue going from making Yoda smaller to larger until I got to his coat. As I posted several times the force was not with Yoda's coat. I ended up remaking it using Darski's Pilgrim pattern, an e hook, and completing part of my mission, I used some sports weight yarn donated by my friend who passed this year. Oddly enough when you decrease your hook size, use much smaller yarn, and crochet tightly, a jacket you will make for Yoda. I thought it looked pretty good. Normally I'd have gone with a Barbie pattern, but I just haven't felt that well and digging through patterns didn't seem like a great choice. I hadn't put the Pilgrim pattern away yet.

All is well. We exchanged Christmas presents yesterday with our friend and Yoda was a big hit. While he made it under the wire, he did get finished for lengthened Christmas celebrations.

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