Monday, February 4, 2019

American Girl Hooded Sweater and Pants

As I mentioned earlier as the weather got colder I decided it was time to make some sweaters. This is the second sweater I made from the out of print Springfield Collection Sweater Trio FCM494. I love this hooded sweatshirt/sweater. It's one I try to get to every donation. It's just a fun pattern to make. As with the previous sweater set I went with my favorite pants pattern, Maggie's Crochet Abby, Allie, and Annie PA972 - 01 although this time I made them in black. I figure it will be nice to have different colored pants to mix and match with the kids that get the dolls.

Notes for myself as with the previous sweater I dropped hook size from a F to an E and the puffiness was reduced. I might suggest making the hood with F next time and the body with an E. The hood was a little smaller than I prefer. My pony bead supply is holding up as this is one of the few outfits I use them on so no need to resupply.


Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

It's very cute - I like the color too. #MMBC

Louisa said...

This is such a cute outfit. We don't have American girls here but we do have dolls of the same size that I enjoy making clothes for #mmbc

Cheryl Lawson said...

I love the outfit you made for this doll, especially the red sweater! I don't have any American Girls (although I love them) but did just inherit my sister's vintage Ginny and Barbie dolls and some of their outfits. Having fun with them. I also love to craft so, now that I found your blog, I plan to follow it. I just added a post to this same linky party with photos of "My Sisters" Dolls" if you want to click you way over to my site. Have a great week! ~Cheryl

Claire Justine said...

Very sweet. My favourite colour :) Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays.

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