Thursday, January 31, 2019

Kalia 16 Inch Baby Doll Dress

I've been working on projects while helping family out with homeschooling via Skype. I find having a simple project to work on during wait times allows me to relax and I'm amazed at how much work I can get done. What I've found is projects that have predictable repeats are the easiest to use and I got most of this project finished during those break periods.

Over the years I've adapted various types of gowns for the baby doll projects as there aren't lots of patterns designed specifically for this type of doll. I've been following a blogger for years who designs patterns and makes gowns for preemies and others. I've been adapting her gowns for use with my doll project. You can find the free pattern for this outfit here.

This pattern works up rather quickly. To fit the 16 Inch doll I used an I hook and worsted weight yarn for the pink. I had some lighter weight worsted weight green yarn that I've been trying to use up so that was perfect for this project. I used ties to finish off this project.

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