Monday, January 28, 2019

Mary Maxim 18 Inch Doll Party Dress

This was a fun kit with lots of details I might never have tried if the kit didn't come with everything needed. I do plan on trying the shoes again. I'd like to try them in black as well. For those interested in buying the kit you can find it here.

I picked up this kit last year when I needed a minimum total to get free shipping as I needed some 5" baby dolls.

This kit uses Mary Maxim Baby's Best DK/Sportweight Yarn I plan on picking up more of this yarn for my doll when I can get a shipping coupon. I like the combination of softness that doesn't split while crocheting. While the shipping is expensive, the cost of the yarn is reasonable. I do wish they had a wider choice of colors, although it is nice to see they have non-traditional baby colors like grey. While it would be nice, I get no benefits for discussing Mary Maxim's doll kits. I like to document what I make for my doll donations every year.

I often find I need to rethink crochet directions. One of my favorite things about this pattern is the pattern writer and I seemed to speak the same crochet language so I really didn't need to make any adjustments. I am hoping Mary Maxim brings out other kits by this designer. I'd be a customer for sure. I know I'll be picking up yarn to make this again for next year's donation.


Kathy said...

My crocheting is pretty limited to dish cloths but I loved your post. Even better, the Barbie/Ken stuff. People at church are going to build and furnish a Barbie house for our church bazaar to raffle. One woman crochets; I forwarded your info to her! We have 5 granddaughters between us--one thinks she is now too old for dolls; I sew simple outfits for them. Retirement is a BUSY time!

Sheltie Times said...

One of the reasons I got into donating was I loved making the doll clothes for family but they outgrew them. I have friends that send me stuff for the donation project because they too don't have little ones who play with dolls anymore either but they still love making the toys and clothes. They love the idea of making other kids happy and still getting to make the stuff they love.

Annie's Attic has released quite a few of their old out of print Barbie and Ken patterns as e-patterns on e-pattern central. They are often on-sale so if they are looking for more Barbie stuff it is also a good place to check for patterns. They used to be quite expensive to buy second hand but these reprints have made them much more affordable. They have quite a few crochet room patterns.

annies home said...

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