Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Baby Doll Pumpkin Costume

With a new baby sister getting dressed up for Halloween, shouldn't big sister be able to dress her baby doll up for Halloween too? Well that was my thinking, but there aren't many costumes out there for baby dolls so some creativity was required. I'd been gifted an 18 inch doll pattern for a pumpkin costume. You can find it for purchase here. I decided to simplify the pattern just making the pumpkin section and hat using worsted weight yarn and the suggested hook. I tend to need to go with a larger hook than suggested to make clothes fit so I suspected if I went as suggested I might be close for the smaller 18" doll.

The pattern did require some adjustments to make it fit the 16" dol. I ended up going up a hook size for the hat as it was too small made with the suggested hook. The pumpkin as written would not have slipped on and off as written so I used a pumpkin button to close the opening on the second shoulder.

I've been making pants for years, so instead of going with the suggested pants directions I made "shorts" for the baby to finish off the clothing part of the costume. I decided to go with the friendly pumpkin rather than the jack lantern. It looked a little friendlier for a baby.

This was fun to make. I really enjoyed adapting the pattern to make it fit the doll and love the idea of the baby doll being ready for the holiday. I have a Christmas pattern that I've never had the time to make in previous years for the donation. I'm thinking it would be fun to send off with the Christmas box if I find time to finish it this year.


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