Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Lots to Love 8 Inch Moses Basket

I love doing my doll donation every year, but it is fun to try something different and this year that has been adding the Lots to Love dolls. I make doll carriers for the 16 inch dolls every year but those require 3 strands. This pattern for the 8 inch doll requires only one and what a joy that break was for my hands.

This pattern is from the Swee Baby Doll Layette leaflet that I've written about before that can be purchased in print here or digitally here. When ever possible I try to tell you where you can find a pattern free or for purchase. That isn't always possible as I do collect out of print patterns but even then I do try to list as much information as possible so you might have the chance of finding a copy if it is out there. I do this because I find it frustrating to see a picture of a pattern I love and have no idea how to find it because the person has posted a picture but no information as to where they found the pattern.

I did alter the bottom and the sides of the Moses basket. I wanted it wider and a little longer for the 8 inch doll I'm using for the donation. I found it was tight and low and thus I added rows to the sides as well. It is a personal choice but I didn't want the doll falling out of the basket if it was carried around.

The texture for the doll blanket was wonderful. I chose to use up some of my AC Moore sport yarn in variegated. The pattern calls for white but white is so hard to keep clean with little hands.

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