Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Bunny Garland

I originally thought about making the bunnies to go over the fire place and then realized I already had egg garland for there. So the bunnies moved. In between my holiday boxes and my donation projects I've been making some projects to cheer up the house while we are spending more time here during the shut down. So I decided bunny garland why not.

I made my bunnies large and bright. To make them this large I needed a K hook. Since they were large I needed fewer and I was good with that. I used the tail pattern from the Mary Maxim bunny pattern I wrote about earlier to avoid making pom pom's. I am just not a huge fan of making them I'd rather crochet tails.

I'm always happy to share links for free patterns and you can find it here. Those of you like scrap yarn projects will find this is a great way to use those little left over balls of yarn. My bunnies are products of previous afghan and doll projects. I am always looking for ways to finish off those left over bits and this project brings a little joy to what will be a much quieter Easter.


XmasDolly said...

Thank you for your pattern. Something new to do is always welcome these days. Stay healthy. Stay Safe and STAY HOME!

Southern Sunflowers said...

Adorable bunny garland! I like the bright and cheerful colors.

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