Thursday, April 9, 2020

I Feel Pretty 16 Inch Baby Doll Crochet Dress

I know I said I was done with the 16 inch doll for this donation season and I was or so I thought. A dear friend who designs doll clothes posted she had a free baby doll pattern she wanted me to try out and how could I resist. I checked my stash and got to work. This is the first one. I will be making a second as I'm trying to keep the baby doll donation even this year. You can find the free pattern here.

I used the Nicole Sport weight yarn I purchased from AC Moore before they departed. Yes I do have quite a large stash as it was the only local yarn I could find to use on the 8 and 10 inch dolls. Now that I'm stuck indoors I'm more glad then ever I bought what I did.

The pattern called for a mixture of a 4.5 and 5 hook. With this yarn and my odd gauge I needed the H hook to get the bodice to fit, I also added rows to the skirt as it ended up not covering the legs. This doll looks like it's wearing a white onsie so I try to cover it up when I make doll clothes. The doll in the pattern was fully covered so it could be that it was a 15 inch doll, it could be the yarn I used, or again I often have a funky gauge that requires me to alter things to make them fit.

I'm looking forward to making the second one after I finish my first 18 inch doll project of the season. I'm working on a dress pattern I've not tried before for an Our Generation Doll. I've moved on from the Springfield dolls this year and from here on I've decided it will be the Walmart or the Target dolls depending on which dolls are on sale first. This year it was the Our Generation dolls. If I find the Walmart dolls any time this year I will pick them up as I really do like working with the dolls. They are a bit more flexible than the Our Generation dolls for sizing clothes.

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