Tuesday, January 12, 2021


I'm continuing to add breakfast items for the Valentine box. For years I've used the flatter pancake pattern found in Tasty Crochet: A Pantry Full of Patterns for 33 Tasty Treatsit makes a nice flat pancake pattern. My personal preference has always been for nice fluffy pancakes so I decided to try the pattern in Kawaii Crochetleaving out the facial features to make it more of a traditional play food.

These are designed to be small projects and to make mine larger I made mine from worsted weight yarn with a g hook. This gave me the size I wanted but they did end up slightly fluffier than I wanted. There are always trade offs. Next time I'd make the syrup with a smaller hook.

Along with Valentine's books I found Eric Carle's Pancakes, Pancakes!to send along with the breakfast food.

One thing I loved about this pattern is it is made in one piece, no joining. That being said I am strongly considering returning to my flatter pancakes only because these are just too tall if I make them play set size. Something to think about for another day.

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