Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Toast with Jam

Toast is a fairly common crochet food pattern. You can easily adapt any bread patern. I chose this one from Kawaii Crochetbecause I liked the added jam. It added a little extra fun to the pretend play intention I have for this play set.

My plan is for practical play. I haven't added the eyes and other decorative items because I want this to be like traditional play food. I also haven't sewed the syrup, butter or in this case jam to the various play food items because while it risks them getting lost I'm hoping it adds some play experience as the kids can decide do I want butter or jam on my toast.

I'm coming to realize this breakfast is a work in progress. There are many items I'd like to add that won't make it to the Valentine's box. However, St. Patrick's Day wouldn't be a bad time to continuing to add to the food collection. We shall see what happens.

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Catscue Cat Mom said...

That is darling, I love it.

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