Monday, September 26, 2022

My Life Princess Belle

While my guage is never normal every so often it really goes haywire and I've learned to accept and adjust. Normally for an Adoring Doll pattern I go up a hook size but for this pattern I needed an I hook to make the outfit slide on and off. I suspect had the outfit used a snap or button I could have gotten away with an H hook.

For those of you interested this pattern includes a Belle wig. Since this is going as a donation doll that will hopefully see quite a bit of play time and not as a doll that will be displayed I opted not to make the wig.

There is addiitional trim for the bottom of the dress but trim was not with me this round. I think approaching this on a better day I'd work a trim that functioned for me but in this case I left it off.

You purchase the pattern here.

This was another chance to pull yarn from my stash to work on previous project left overs. I have kept with my goal this year of reducing the left overs and turning them into doll clothes.

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