Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Barbie Patterns released as Digital Patterns

I don't make many Barbie clothes anymore but I suspect if requested by a family member the hooks will come out and I'll pull out my Barbie pattern binder. Yes I do have a dedicated binder devoted to nothing but Barbie crochet patterns.

When I posted about patterns I did what I could to note names of leaflets, patterns, etc. so people could search as I did to find them in secondary resale sites. What I've notcied recently is digital patterns are being released to purchase for some Barbie items. For my own records in case I do go back to making Barbie items again and for those who come here looking for Barbie patterns I decided to collect the current locations. If you see Barbie doll clothes or acessories in your future then buying them while they are available is not a bad choice. The resale for print patterns can be outrageous and there is no telling how long the digital patterns remain available. These are links to the sites that own the patterns not pirated digital links.

Barbie sizes have changed and likely will continue to change over the years. My suggestion is to find one close to the doll you will be making clothes for and adjust the patterns as you make them for the doll. This is what I ended up doing during my previous Barbie clothing adventures.

As I started to put this list together I realized many of the clothing links I had seen weren't still available but there are many of the plastic canvas patterns that have been quite expensive over the years and elusive so I listed those too. As I find more items I will continue to add them.




Miss January 1991 Miss Deceber 1991

Miss February 1992 Cotillion July 1992

Green Pineapple

Pink Pineapple

Purple Pineapple

White Pineapple




Bride Doll

Edwardian Lady Walking Suit

Gibson Girl:




Pearl and Lace Bride

Remembering a Princess

Wedding Gown 1

Wine and Roses

Annie Potter Presents:

Bridal Trousseau

Prince Charming and Wedding

Springtime Frocks

Summertime Fashions

Leisure Arts:

Broadway Belle

Victorian Ensemble


Maggie's Crochet:

Enchanted Bride

Fashion Doll Wardrobe

Strappless Dress and Poncho

Mary Maxim:

Bridesmaid and Bride Pattern


Shady Lane:

Dazzling Prom Dresses 391

Fashion Doll Sisters 187

Garden Party 688

Summer Enchantment Vol 1 797 Timeless Fashion Doll Wardrobe Vol 1

Timeless Fashion Doll Wardrobe Vol 2

Timeless Fashion Doll Wardrole Vol 3

Garden Stroll

Rendevous by the Lake

Shall We Dance?

Signs of Spring



Ruffles and Ribbons

Sweetheart Bedroom

The Veranda


Mary Maxim:


Fashion Doll Wardrobe



Plastic Canvas:



Contemporary Diamond Waterbed Suite

Country Cabin

Dolly Bassinet

Dream Castle

Fashion Doll Furniture

Little Sister Bedroom

Patio Furniture

Picnic Set

Tea Set


Wicker Nursery

Leisure Arts:


The Bedroom

Dining Room


The Living Room

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