Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Stacie Dress

This is an adaptation of the Pastel Sundress pattern from the Annie's Crochet Fashion Doll Crochet Club Play Set Pattern FC20-03. This pattern is one of the Fashion Doll Crochet Club patterns that focuses primarily on on Barbie's sisters. There are 4 sister patterns and no Barbie patterns in the set.

The pattern for this dress has a huge ruffle skirt and I wanted to see if I could make something with a more traditional skirt. This is still a little larger than I had planned for but it was a good first attempt for where I want to head. I'm also thinking this pattern could be used to make a romper for the doll as well.

I am continuing to use up my AC Moore sports yarn collection. This yarn has the silky feel of Caron Simply soft at a sport weight. It was a little heavier than the previous yarn I used so I used Tulip Etimo 2/2mm Crochet Hook when I found my Bates Bamboo B hook was bending under the strain. My Tulip hooks are a little hardier in the smaller ranges. To complete the skirt I went back to a C hook.


Another change I made was using a single strap for the shoulder. The double strap was too thick in the previous dress. I like this look better.

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