Monday, December 18, 2023

Our Generation Dovetailed

I've mentioned I'm trying to achieve a better balance between making accessories and outfits to make sure all the dolls leave with both. Last year I didn't get to making the Our Generation Girl doll an outfit until July. I feel good to see one in the donation bag in December.

This is one of Darski's free patterns that you can find here. It's become a frequent go to pattern for the Our Generation Girl because it works up quickly and it fits her well.

I often forget to add shoes for the Our Generation Doll outfits as I'm rushed for time because I've put off making the doll clothes. This time I went back to my go to shoe pattern for the 18 inch dolls Sweet Silver Creations Sailor Doll pattern. I don't see this pattern currently listed on her Etsy page but if she lists it again I will post the link.


I actually went back to my notes from last year regarding this pattern which is why I do this every year. I like to share with people but I change things, learn things, or go back to old ways and its nice to know what worked the year before.

I use a hair band elastic for the waist of the skirt. I hadn't remembered this when I pulled the pattern out this month so the project note helped.

To make the top fit I use a K hook until I change to pink then I change to a J hook. I finish the back with grey and make the button holes as I finish the back. Make sure you don't let the buttons holes go past the white trim. Darski has buttons go down further but they aren't a must.

I've gone between an I and H hook for the My Life with the shoes I'm considering a G hook for the Our Generation as the I was large, the H was closer but I'm thinking for the next outfit G might be just right.

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Lois Evensen said...

What a sweet outfit! Just darling. I like to make clothing for 18" dolls, too.

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