Wednesday, December 4, 2013

American Girl Pilgrim

I finished the first doll outfit for the 2014 doll donation in time to show it off for Thanksgiving at my house.

This is based on a free pattern found here. I've made this pattern so many times that I've adapted it and it looks a bit different from the original. It is the basis for my Mrs. Claus outfit and my Halloween witch, too.

I didn't get the time to make this one for the 2013 donation, so I wanted to make it a priority to get it completed. Working on it while preparing for Thanksgiving felt right. I have since finished the Santa Hat for Mrs. Claus and have started on a holiday dress. I like a break between repeating a pattern. While the dress is slightly different for Mrs. Claus, it's nice to work on something that is completely different in between. My goal is to finish all the Christmas themed outfits before Christmas and then hopefully turn to other types of outfits. I usually reach a point where I have to stop crocheting doll clothes and work on amigurumi's or some other type of crochet for a while. I am hoping to build up a stash before that happens.

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C.Mahan said...

Aww look at how cute she is!

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