Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yule Tree Throw

I love holiday throws and fell in love with this pattern when Red Heart published it during the first week of their 12 weeks of Christmas promotion. You can find the pattern here. I couldn't wait to order the yarn from Joann's and when it arrived I got started.

I think I probably pulled out more rows then I actually crocheted, but it was worth it. It is the most challenging piece I have ever attempted. The 2/2 Back Cross was likey the hardest part of the pattern for me to figure out. The stitch itself wasn't hard, but I struggled to understand what the writer intended and nowhere on the Internet or any of my books could I find anyone who used this description of the stitch. One day it clicked and the project moved forward. I also just found myself making foolish mistakes and having to pull out rows when I'd catch the pattern being off.

I didn't get the pillow done this year, but I am considering putting on my list of projects for next year.


C.Mahan said...

I love, love, love this! You are right, it was totally worth it.

Finally went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some yarn and plastic canvas (even found some at Salvation Army) to put together a Kens plastic canvas bedroom for kiddo. If I don't get it done by Christmas, her birthday is in January. I am pretty excited about it. I even picked up a fairy cross stitch kit to do and some scrap material to make some 18" doll clothes when the hubs moves out of the office and can get my sewing machine set up. I set up a WAH website and I plan to do crafts and DIY stuff on there. I'm excited to get back to some of that stuff!

Good thing I have been bookmarking some of your patterns all this time!

Unknown said...

This is really nice with the "trees" in the middle of it. I have a Santa Claus tree throw, but it is such a busy pattern, that I think I like the simplicity of this better.

My Santa Claus throw is so busy that I can't see the trees from the forest. No pun intended. ;)

It especially looks nice up against the wooden background.

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