Friday, February 23, 2018

Little Baker Set

My thanks for today go out to Melissa Mall at Inner Child Crochet for her free pattern for this set which you can find here.

I've been looking for small projects to do while watching the Olympics that can be completed while still getting to see most of the events and getting some of the items on my to do list for gifts and donations completed, too. This was Tuesday night's project. Why pink?

Well I was in a hurry as the skating feed was beginning and I was unclear about how much yarn I needed and I knew I had 2 skeins of pink kitchen cotton in case I needed more than the one skein I thought I'd read I needed. I'm always paranoid about running out of yarn. Pink was the only color close to hand as the deadline approached so pink is the kitchen color this year I guess. Another item ready for the toy drive. I seem to be in kitchen mode at the moment. I will get back to the dolls eventually. I've got a doll carrier almost finished. Then I need to pick a doll clothing pattern once the Olympics is over. It's too hard to crochet and try doll clothes on to make sure they fit while watching sporting events.

Until then I'm thinking Easter Eggs wouldn't be a bad Olympic viewing project. I need to get about a dozen of those finished and they are a great scrap project, too. We will see what works for me.

Note to self, I did follow the directions for joining each round on the mitts. I'm thinking I might experiment with one the next time where I don't and see how it all works out. The don't always leave a great look.

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Anonymous said...

These look cute. A little girl would definitely love these when she is playing in her play kitchen.

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