Thursday, August 6, 2020

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

I mentioned in a previous post I got distracted with new ideas for the birthday box and thus it went out a week late. Well this was one of the culprits. I came across two competing patterns for Goldilocks and the Three Bearsamigurumi sets. I'd already done puppets but the sets were both in their own ways interesting.

The first was from Amigurumi Fairy Tales: Crochet Your Own Enchanted Forest and I found the bears to be intriguing. These bears had personalities and props. They weren't random bear patterns thrown in to fit the fairy tale theme.

The more challenging issue was Goldilocks. I began to feel I was trying to cast a part in a play or movie. I liked this one's hair but the rest just wasn't right for the part. So I went back to hybrid design. Once Upon a Time... in Crochetalso had a Goldilocks set. The bears were fairly generic but the hair design for Goldilocks was something I hadn't encountered before and I liked it. Unfortunately I only liked the hair part of the Goldilocks pattern. The rest didn't work for me. I still liked the body from the Amigurumi Tales book better. Normally a switch out isn't much of an issue however, there was a slight problem the dolls were not exactly compatible to exchange in a one for one manner. So I kept the head and body from the Amigurumi Tales book and modified the hair from the Once Upon a time book to fit. I also brought along her porridge bowl. Goldilocks, the fish, the basket, and the apple are all done in sport weight yarn. The bears were done in worsted weight yarn.

In notes for myself regarding the bears if I make them again I'd ignore pattern and opt for a more traditional round ami head. After making the first one I thought it would be odd to correct it on the other two and I was rushing to finish, but I'd not make them this way again. I wasn't crazy about the bump at the top of the head due to smaller initial increases. This is something easily fixed.

As you can see I forgot Baby Bear's snout and I had already inserted the saftey nose when I realized my mistake. The challenges of late night crochet on a deadline. I had already attached his head when I realized what I had done so I didn't redo it as I'd have risked destroying his lower half as well as having to remake his head.

Note to self this went out with hand puppets and
Believe Me, Goldilocks Rocks!: The Story of the Three Bears as Told by Baby Bear and Goldilocks and the Three Bears