Monday, January 13, 2014

Barnyard Amigurmi from Crochet Today

I have an old out of print Annie's Attic pattern for a barn bag with ami farm animals that I've been making for several years. The picture is posted above. When I post it or I show it to people I get lots of questions about where they can find it. It is hard to find. So I am pleased to say I found a new version, slightly larger in the February/March 2014 edition of Crochet Today. I don't have rights to publish the picture of the project, but you can see the picture here.

This pattern includes a pattern for a barn bag along with patterns for an ami cow, sheep, pig, and chicken. With a larger bag, these animals are a bit larger than the ones I normally make. With the bag, you can choose to make these animals or choose your own from a wide variety of patterns available.

If you want a free farm cilo pattern to go with that bag pattern to make a fun gift set check out Bizzy Crochet's Barnyard Gang. I've made this pattern a few times and it is always a hit.

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