Thursday, November 18, 2021

Lil Cutesies Christmas Dress

I picked up a couple play sets for the Little Cutesie dolls for Christmas gifts this year. I wanted to add clothing to the gift and since it was Christmas started with Darski's Babies First Christmas free pattern set. The pattern set includes a dress, footed pj's, and a stocking cocoon.

Normally I direct you to Crochetville for Darsk's free patterns but she also has her own io group with a directory for her free patterns. I was unable to locate this pattern on Crochetville so you will need to go to her io group, sign up and check the files for 8.5 inch dolls to find the pattern. You can find her io group here.

Darski's pattern includes booties, however I changed the pattern to include shoes. These are the shoes from Shady's Lanes's Gingham Totes Pattern set. The set can be purchased in digital form here or print here.

The dress is made with Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, Paddy Green, Hot Red,and White. The shoes while they seem to look black in this picture are acutally green. The Shady Lane pattern require lighter weight yarn and I went with now unavailable Red Heart Sport Yarn.

I used an I hook for the dress as it was tight with the H hook. The shoes were worked with an E hook. I keep looking back at my notes for hook sizes and I always regret when I fail to note what size hook I used and if it was the right one.

Since I need two for my Christmas package I plan on alternating the colors and making a dress for the second gift. After all both dolls will need a holiday dress.

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Jayne said...

What a lovely Christmas outfit. Very festive. :)
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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