Wednesday, November 17, 2021

My Life Claret Dress

This is the second outfit from Darski's free Harriet pattern found here. This may in fact be the last of the donation outfits for 2021 as I've begun work on my Christmas gifts and I want to make a box of Barbie clothes for a family member which will probably be a post Christmas gift for her granddaughters. When those projects are done it will be time to start the 2022 doll donation work.

This used up the end of a skein that's been in a misc yarn pile for a bit now. It was nice to see it gone. I did end up using an old skein of Red Heart sport to trim the bottom as I didn't have quite enough to finish the dress. The colors were a match and the change in weight was not relevent in the trim.

I used an I hook for the dress to get the fit right.

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Cindy said...

What a sweet little outfit for that doll!! So cute!

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