Monday, March 26, 2018

Crochet Eggster Bunny

It is wonderful to be part of a supportive online crochet group. When I started posting about my Easter projects a good friend posted a link to the free Crochet Eggster Bunny pattern which you too can find here. I already had another pattern in mind to make for the last ami for the Easter box. However, once I saw the Eggster Bunny there was no going back. It was definitely the choice for the last ami project.

You will clearly notice differences between my bunny and the pattern authors. First I am determined to finish off my stash yarn, so when I discovered I didn't have appropriate off white yarn, I went with white. I also wasn't crazy about the yolk colored accents, so I went with traditional pink. I had this ball of purple yarn I've been dying to finish off so it seemed like an ideal project to use it on and while it isn't finished I made a good dent. I chose not to stuff the feet. I found the balance was better with flat feet. It's always a choice you make when you create amis. Lastly, for the nose and the buttons I used size 10 crochet thread.

My egg just came out wider than I'd expected, but I loved it. The designer has a more rounded egg look, but I fell in love with my egg bunny. At some point I really want one for myself.

A thank you to the designer for her pattern. I was so impressed with the level of detail and the pictures included. I learned some new tricks, especially about embroidering the nose. I also appreciated the pictures about where to join and the up close pictures that let me count holes to make sure I knew where her pieces were located. It made putting the bunny together much easier.


Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

He's cute! I bet he could be made into a pig or other animal easily. #MMBC

Unknown said...

Hi, what a cute gift to receive at Easter that is not loaded with calories and will last for years #MMBC

annies home said...

so very cute, love the little character looks like it has a personality of its own
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rajiscrafthobby said...

Oh...he is so cuteee.....😊😊love im!!!!

Sandra said...

I also fell in love immediately when I saw the Eggster Bunny! <3 <3
Unfortunately this Easter I had no time to crochet it, I hope I won't forget it until next year! :-D

I like your blog, you crochet really nice things!

Joanne said...

He is so cute! Reminds me a bit of Humpty Dumpty meets Easter bunny. Pinned.

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