Thursday, September 16, 2021

15 Inch Rag Doll Dress for Spring

Since I don't have specific patterns designed for these dolls I'm always happy to be able to adapt another doll pattern to make it fit for the two different sized Rag Dolls. This is Amy Carrico's 14 Inch Baby Spring Set that you can purchase here. When looking at baby doll patterns it is an interesting task to decide if they'll transfer over to the Rag Dolls not just in sizing but in the age difference in the dolls. The Rag Dolls aren't baby dolls so the look has to be one that will adapt to an older aged doll. I thought this pattern made the transition pretty well.

One task I target myself with every year is to find orphan yarns in my stash that I can finish off. While there are yarns I will use up every year many of them are staples and will be replaced or in no longer available a similar yarn will be purchased. However, there are these orphan skeins that once gone will not be replaced and those free up room in my yarn stash.

This yarn was an unlabeled baby finger weight acrylic yarn that I picked up at a pre-COVID Church or Senior Citizen sale. It's been around for a while because I just didn't have the right project for the yarn. The baby dress I'd made previously with baby sport weight was slightly large on the Rag Doll so I knew I wanted a lighter yarn and this was a great chance to use up an orphan skein. It's not completely gone but I'm thinking it might be good for a Barbie project.

As with the baby project I used a g hook until the arm holes for the dress and sweater. I switched to an E hook to finish the project.

When I started with these Rag Dolls I was concerned about having enough outfits to make a decent donation but I feel they will be goign off with a nice wardrobe after all.

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