Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Lil Cutesies Sweater Set

This was actually intended to be an outfit for the Lots to Love 8 inch baby doll. I was adapting the sweater set from the free Berenguer Baby Layette pattern for the Lots to Love 10 inch doll found here using sport yarn but it was too big for the 8inch doll but thankfully not too large for the Lil Cutesies Baby Doll . I was planning on making one for that doll later so it all worked out.

For my own records this was made with the no longer available Red Heart Sport Comfort yarn and an E hook. The shoes are from a Shady Lane Pattern set for the Lil Cutesie dolls that can be purchased here. While I adapted the booties for the 8 inch doll I know these shoes fit the Lil Cutesie dolls really well so I went with what works.

The bonnet was too large for the head even with the lighter yarn and smaller hook size. I stopped working in the round when the back of the head was covered and began working in rows to keep the bonnet from becoming overally large. I used chain 3 trim on the arms.

I made simple pants for under the sweater by crocheting over a pony tail band until I got to the crotch and splitting at that point for the legs. The legs have a chain 3 crochet trim around each leg.

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romanescu sinziana said...

This is one of the cutest things...

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