Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Lots to Love 14 Inch Doll Sweater, Pants and Hat

A funny thing happened as I was working on my second Lots to Love 10 inch doll pattern from Darski's free Sweetly pattern found here I ended up with a sweater for the Lots to Love 14" Baby Doll instead. As I've mentioned before there is an advantage to having multiple sized dolls. When an outfit doesn't fit one, there is usually another doll who can wear the item.

The sweater was made with a G hook and Bernat Baby Big Ball Sport Yarn, Baby Yellow, Baby Pink, and Ombres, Baby Baby.

Now that I had a sweater I needed to finish the outfit so I went back to Amy Carrico's Sweet Baby Boy Romper Pattern that can be purchased here for the hat and pants pattern using the same yarns listed above.

I mentioned in the previous post I wrote about Sweetly that I changed the pants pattern to make the pants top down. This pattern is one of the few exceptions I make for working from the legs to the top as it is a feeted pants pattern and it is rather challenging to add the feet to the pants once finished.

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