Friday, September 24, 2021

Rag Doll Fall Dress

I have a shopping bag of Knit Picks Palette yarn that I bought years ago when I was originally making Barbie clothes for my nieces and then when I stopped I'd occasionally use some for a project but I still have a bag that I'd like to finish off and start fresh knowing I'm using up yarn as I buy it.

Having adapted Amy Carrico's 14 inch Baby Doll Spring Set for the 15 inch Rag doll I was looking for the right yarn to adapt the pattern for use for with the smaller Rag doll. I setteled on this yarn because I had 2 skeins which is always a good idea when you aren't sure how much yarn a pattern would take and it is a yarn I've had trouble finding a project to move it out of my stash. I believe this is one of the heather yarns in the Palette line and I think it was oringally purchased for Barbie office wear. However since that never got done its been holding up in long term stash storage and it was time for a new project idea.

I had used a fingering acrylic yarn for the 15 inch doll and it worked really well for the project. I decided the Palette yarn might do for the smaller doll and since this color has been on my radar to move out it was one of the first I checked to see if I had 2 skeins to meet my project requirements. I've been know to lose the will the yarn last game and I prefer not to when the option is there.

Amy Carrico's pattern is available for purchase here.


This one worked up slightly differently than the 15 inch doll so I wanted to make sure I included my notes for any future proejcts.

First if using Palette yarn I need 2 skeins to complete outfit with panties. Can complete dress and sweater with one but not enough for complete outfit.

Hook sizes:

Dress E hook

Sweater body G hook fits better over bulk of dress. C hook for arms.

Panties G hook to 32 stitches.

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Kim Carberry said...

What a cute little doll and outfit. I love the colour of the dress x

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