Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Cat Afghan Heads Home

I started this pattern I discovered in the November/December 1997 Hooked on Crochet magazine for a Christmas present for 2011. I learned so many new skills along the way. I did not finish it for Christmas, but continued to work on it. Then I washed it back in February preparing to give it as a late present. I thought I had gone through and fixed the ends from my earlier work where I knew little about weaving in the ends. However, after the washing I was faced with tons of short ends that needed to be fixed to save the piece. I could not even look at it, so I put it away to be faced later.

This Easter we had a special visitor who has not been able to be with us for a while due to illness. She came to my rescue and used a crochet hook and a technique her Aunt had taught her to catch all those nasty loose ends. I was so relieved and touched at her act of kindness. The girl who got the afghan was thrilled. I was sure she had forgotten about the afghan, but the minute she walked through the door on Easter and saw it she asked if it was finally done. It took two generations, but yes it is finally completed and with its new owner.

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Katie B said...

That's a cute afghan!

Little Orphan Skein said...

great job!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful afghan.I love the cats! I would need the same help weaving in the ends on my blanket, it's soon finished and I have left all the loose ends..

C.Mahan said...

Like the bold pattern and colors.

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